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Is Geography Answer Writing difficult task ?

Courses Available

  • Number of Total Tests – 5,
  • Number of Discussions – 5
  • Number of Study Material Booklets – 5
  • Discussion Hours – 10
  • Flexible Timing & Dates
  • Evaluated Answer will be returned in selective lots with Comparative performance, and ranking will be uploaded on the portal to help students judge their relative performances.
  • Evaluated Answer will be returned in selective lots with personal feedback by Neetu Singh
  • Discussion in class will be on Wednesdays.
  • Test Timing : Online 9.30 – 12.30


The program orients towards

  • Writing skill enhancement
  • Framing of answer with integration of diagrams
  • Rational utilization of given time and space
  • Comprehending the key terms of questions
  • Integrating the facts and figures in logical manner
  • Coherence in writing
  • Flexibility in content presentation in absolute requirement of question


  • Help aspirants understand the demand of asked questions in UPSC exam effectively.
  • Provide personal feedback (by Neetu Singh Madam) to individual aspirants, to help them enhance their potentials
  • Coverage of entire syllabus in logical time.
  • Provision of quality improvement classes for enrolled students
  • Targeting 2020 MAIN – It will provide aspirants sufficient time and opportunity to increase their potentials.
  • Contact : 9810382305 or info@directionias.com