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The final stage! Start preparations for the interview along with the written test. Debate and discuss issues with friends and relatives. Listen to current affairs programmes and learn to organize your thoughts the way the participants do. Understand the current affairs and the issues behind the events.

Preparation for the Interview

Remember, the interview is not a test of specialized knowledge, as that has already been tested in the written exams. It is neither a cross-examination. It is a natural and purposeful conversation.

Do’s & Don’ts for interview

Interview Marks

The Interview marks is 275 in present pattern where in the score between 175 – 200 is considered to be good score. As it is more than double strength of candidates called for interview compared to available vacancies, it makes most crucial and final step.

Formal Dressing

Be neat and formal. Male candidates should make sure they are shaved while Female candidates can apply a light makeup. Well-groomed hair, cleanliness, polished shoes are essential. Avoid jewelry, trendy clothes and casuals such as jeans. Do not wear your everyday clothes for the interview.


Reach the place of interview before time and complete pre-interview formalities as cross checking of original documents etc. Do avail the information about the location of your scheduled interview.

When you Enter

Take a deep breath before entering the room. Greet the interviewer but do not be over-friendly. Do not sit down until asked. Sit straight and do not fold your arms. Look at the interviewers’ directly while answering questions.

Avoid Controversy

Unless asked, stick to the subject without giving opinions. Do not criticize your Institute or past employer. If you do not know a particular question, admit it.

Listen Carefully

Pause before answering a question to gather your thoughts. Do not ramble or use long-winded examples.

Be Pleasant

Be cheerful. Keep a pleasant outlook. Do not contradict the interviewer even if he is wrong. Do not be funny, though you can be witty.

Tricky Situations

Stay calm, even if provoked. Be ready for surprises, as one cannot anticipate all questions.