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For all Civil Services Aspirants – Geography is the optional which holds the key to your success!!

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The discipline of geography is distinguished by its emphasis on observation and analysis in a spatial context. Any phenomenon that is expressed through the dimension of space, therefore, may be and probably has been examined by a geographer. Yet there are new areas of study emerging every day for scholars, making the study of geography quite broad and inclusive. The result is that geographers typically have close ties to many other fields of inquiry, not only in the social sciences, but in the humanities and natural sciences as well. This clearly gets reflected in the changing trends of questions.

Geography, like all academic disciplines, has its own nomenclature and terminology. Those learning about the field for the first time may be bewildered by the many specialized terms and concepts that geographers use. But it is the very diversity of geography that gives the discipline depth and strength, and allows us to think in integrative and complex ways about the myriad spatial processes we encounter on a daily basis. As can be related to the massive overlap of GS and geography .Almost everyone carries a “mental map” that allows us to organize the world into an order that we recognize and expect—we are by nature all geographers.