Admission Open: 3 GS - Geography Modules Classes 31st, Jan @ 1pm  |   Downlaod GS PYQ: Environment Ecology : Physical Geography : Indian Geography


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Georgaphy favourably helps students to prepare a significant part of General Studies in the changed pattern:

  • Helps to become more effective and influential
  • Helps overcoming individual obstacles and maximize personal strengths
  • Clarify and work towards performance goals

For the last 23 years Geography Optional has proved to be the most selected and most successful optional. Our Top Ranks : 2010 (Pulkit) AIR 5th, 2011 (Sundraj) AIR 5th, 2012 (Arun) AIR 6th, 2013 (Chanchal Rana) AIR 7th, 2014 (Suharsha) AIR 5th 2015 (Vipin Garg) AIR 20th, 2016 (Samuya) AIR 4th, 2017 (Pratham) AIR 5th, 2018 (Girdhar) AIR 61th 2019 (Alok Kumar) AIR 41 2020 (Gujnan Singh) AIR 16 2021 (Aishwary Verma) AIR 4th 2022 (Shubham Kumar) AIR 41 Best Geography Institute for civil services examination.
Highest Marks in this Institute in UPSC

The Geography Optional Topper scored 306 marks out of 500(AIR 12) 2021 YASHARTH SHEKHAR.

The Geography Optional Topper scored 327 marks out of 500 AIR 5 2017 PARTHAM KAUSHIK.


Gunjan Singh

16th rank (2019)

Divyanshi Singh

34th rank (2020)

Aishwarya verma

4th rank (2021)

Shubham Kumar

41th rank (2022)

Yasharth Shekhar

12th rank (2021)

Pratham Kaushik

5th rank (2017)

Samuya Pandey

5th rank (2016)

Alok Kumar

41th rank (2018)

K. Vijayendra Pandian

67th rank (2007)

Ram Niwas Sepat

152nd rank (2007)

Chandra Sheker

4th rank (2008)

Ram Singh

53th rank (2008)

Rajeev Ranjan

633th rank (2008)

Ashutosh Niranjan

11th rank (2009)

Budruk Ganesh

359th rank (2009)

Amit Kumar

41st rank (2009)

Pulkit Khare

5th rank (2010) - Geography Topper

Amit Khatri

11th rank (2010)

Anirudh Sravan.P

13th rank (2010)

Pommala Sunil Kumar

18th rank (2010)

Chandra Sekhar Sakhamuri

24th rank (2010)

Deepa. S.mudhol

30th rank (2010)

M.Govinda Rao

31st rank (2010)

Oak Aayush Sanjeev

42nd rank (2010)

Ruchika Diwakar

50th rank (2010)

Patil Prashant

44th rank (2010)

C Sekhar

24th rank (2010)

Peeyush Mishra

30th rank (2010)

Deepa Sm

30th rank (2010)

Bhandari Swagat

68th rank (2011)

Vijat Rama Raju

44th rank (2011)

Anupam Saha

35th rank (2011)

Ravindra Binwade

30th rank (2011)

Prashant Sharma

29th rank (2011)

Amrutesh Auranga

10th rank (2011)

S.G Sunder Raj

5th rank (2011)

A Arun Thamburaj

6th rank (2012)

Chanchal Ranak

5th rank (2013)

Bharti Dixit

5th rank (2013)

Suharsha Bhagat

5th rank (2014)

Prashasti Parteek

21th rank (2014)

Vipin Garg

20th rank (2015)

Avinash Rai

23rd rank (2017)


61st rank (2018)

Sagar Jain

160th rank (2018)

Brijesh Jyoti

112th rank (2018)

Shafqat Aman

168th rank (2018)

Siddhart Goyal

164th rank (2018)

Kala Amit

212th rank (2018)

S Rishi Raghav

218th rank (2018)



Ashish Gangwar


Naman Goyal

30th rank (2021)

Anjali Shrotriya

44th rank (2021)

Ajay Yadav

276 rank 2022