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UPSC Geography Optional Map Practice


Relief Features of India Mountains, hills, plateaus , islands, passes, peaks

Water bodies of India Plains, Lakes ,Rivers ,Dams, Multipurpose River Valley Projects, creeks, wetlands

Protected Areas of India  New sites of NGT Action GI Tag, Environmental agitation, Tiger Reserves, ConR, ComR, Elephant Reserves, Biosphere Reserves, Ramsar Sites & Forest Types

 Agriculture & Resources of India Crop regions ,Areas of agricultural problems Irrigation Sources , Energy ,Mineral&  Ocean Resources

Industries of India Industrial regions ,Location of textile, pharmaceuticals ,iron &steel, automobile ,paper , cement , petro chemical industries, Power plants

Transportation Means Roadways ,Railways , Waterways ,Civil Aviation ,Pipeline & Sea Ports

Contemporary Items Border Areas, Unrest Areas, Town Planning , New Developmental Projects & Areas of Environmental challenges