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UPSC Coaching For Geography - Direction IAS


Geography Optional for IAS, UPSC, Civil Services Examination in Delhi is one of the most popular options. It owes this to its multidisciplinary characteristics. The semi-scientific nature of the discipline makes it scoring as well as easily adaptable for the aspirants with different educational backgrounds. This is the only optional with maximum importance in general studies.(Main & Prelims). Geography ias books List for Optional. 

Why Best Optional : Because it has consistent result. For the last 21 (Since 2001) years Geography Optional has proved to be the most selected and most successful optional.

Everyone thinks and acts geographically

One point to keep in mind throughout  is that  everyone thinks and acts geographically. We all make decisions in our daily lives based on our understanding of the spatial arrangement of places and people in the world around us.

Geography Syllabus

Geography as a subject has vast syllabus. To succeed, you will need to stick to the curriculum. Reading sensibly in context of India as a part of the globe should be the main aim behind studying the subject. A sound study of the topics given below should see you well prepared.

Paper - I: Fundamental of Geography
The topics: Geomorphology, Climatology, Oceanography,
Biogeography and Environment Geography are the true scientific headings.
They also form the most fundamental avenue of the study.
Section - A: Physical Geography UPSC Physical Geography By Direction IAS  
Section - B: Human Geography UPSC Human Geography By Direction IAS  
Paper - II: Geography of India
This is the application paper or regional approach paper with two sections though the
division is different from Paper I. Physical Geography is the only physical topic,
the others are application or regional approach subjects.
Section - A: Geography of India UPSC Physical Geography Preparation Direction IAS  
Section - B: Human Geography UPSC Human Geography Prepparation -Direction IAS  
upsc geography exam preparation – directionias