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Geography is yet again best optional

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Geography is yet again best optional


Humanities Subjects is Unmatched in civil services examination

Even the Science background students select humanities subjects

2021 UPSC results have created a sort of history with all top three ranks grabbed by females!

Women  Empowerment Par Excellence.

It has also reestablished high success rate of humanities subjects

UPSC topper AIR -1 Shurti Sharma with History as her Optional (it has been her parent discipline as well) . Ankita Agarwal AIR-2 with PSIR (her parent discipline however was Economics), Aishwarya Verma AIR – 4  with Geography Optional , proves this. In addition many toppers had Sociology, Geography as their Optional.

This trend shows that along with Science students the number of Arts students cracking this exam is on increase. Also there is no scarcity of examples where science background students have opted for humanities subjects.

This is also to do with the fact that in UPSC list of humanities subjects as optional is lengthier.

It is believed and proven correct that at humanities subjects’ yields higher marks, making it popular with both science and commerce background students.

As per UPSC Report 2016 from among the selected candidates, approximately 84% (including language) were having humanities subjects as their optional.

Scholars are of believe that the multidisciplinary education is the need of hour. This justifies that when an Engineering Graduate selects humanities subjects, he/she is in position to have dual benefits

  • Technical knowledge to manage aptitude and reasoning
  • Better comprehension of social political issues

In light of changing paper pattern, to provide level ground to all students and optionals , multidisciplinary approach of preparation in mandatory.

It is well known fact that in multilevel of this exam humanities subjects are required to be studied the most. Humanities subjects make major part of General Studies syllabus. Moreover humanities subjects help aspirants to take note of and in better comprehension of socio-cultural/ politico-economic factors and conditions in India and World.

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