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Geography notes for UPSC

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Geography notes for UPSC


Geography is a popular Optional ( subject) in the UPSC exam. It’s covered in both IAS Main and GS Prelims papers, Geography for UPSC covers Physical Geography as World geography & Indian Geography  The postal Study material covers all the components of the UPSC syllabus. Focusing on both static and Dynamic parts.


NCERT remains the basic most reference source for UPSC preparation. This includes-

  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • India Physical Environment
  • Fundamentals of Human Geography
  • India-People and Economy

However, the demand for this examination goes beyond these elementary texts.

  • Certificate physical and human geography  by Goh Cheng Leong

Forms another basic book .As per the requirement of General Studies and foundation development of the subject for Optional, these sources are sufficient.


Optional Geography involves both static / conventional parts of the subject, along with dynamic/ contemporary parts. To prepare them in integration to each other, we need to GO BEYOND. This is where Direction IAS notes compiled by Neetu Singh makes the difference. The notes stands apart as

  • Compiled from all the relevant sources,
  • Regularly updated taking note of changing trends of questions,
  • Includes dedicated model answers to the questions,
  • Sample questions for aspirants to attempt and develop writing skills,
  • Direct communication with Neetu Singh in case of problems in understanding and
  • Student portal support for regular updates


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