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Geography Expected Question

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Geography Expected Question


Expected Questions Up -Coming UPSC Main Examination 2019
Que. Avail the details of biotic structure in reference to feeding and non-feeding relations.
Que. What is meant by mechanism of population balance in ecosystem?
Que. Examine the requirement of coral reef protection.
Que. Write note on Green growth strategies.
Que. ‘Ocean is a major climatic regulator’. Discuss.
Que. Explain the major types of coasts.
Que. Examine the effects of global warming.
Que. Explain the soil forming processes.
Que. What is meant by Ecological succession? Write the details of aquatic succession.
Que. Write note on ecosystem adaptation to change.
Que. Explain the flow of energy in ecosystem.
Que.Discuss movement of ocean water.
Que. Examine commercial and ecological ocean –energy potentials.
Que. Explain Allen-Bergmann rules on adaptability of organisms.
Que. Write note on regional and spatial analysis strategies followed by geographers.
Que. Examine systems as a concept and outline its applicability in geography.
Que. Examine the geographical validity of facilitation of trade in global perspective.
Que. ‘Agriculture sector is facing challenges’. Discuss from both production and consumption perspectives.
Que.’Describe non-extractable marine resource and its spatial characteristics.
Que. ‘Vulnerability and human development are inter-related’. Discuss.
Que. ‘Hydro electricity as a prominent renewable energy source, is restricted by ecological and economic cost involved’. Comment.
Que. Explain regional synthesis as a concept in geographic studies.
Que. In global perspective, examine the ways of resilience building for equitable development.
Que. Evaluate locational models of economic geography.
Que. Explain major agricultural types of world.
Que.Outline the correlation between conflict and hunger.
Que. ‘Demographic behaviour and population dynamics are core to development.Discuss.
Que. Explain the Growth nodes concept and its validity in present context.
Que. (a) Write note on Central Place Theory.
Que. Elaborate how famine is more anthropocentric disaster.
Que. Explain Zipf’s Rank Size Rule.
Que. Examine Growth Pole concept of Rostow.
Que. Discuss the aspects of behavior studies in human geography.
Que. Which are the factors that regulates manufacturing locational decisions.
Que. Give an account of principles and methods of maritime zonation.
Que. What are laws of international boundaries?
Que. Elaborate on interrelation between environmentalism and geopolitical ideas.
Que. In reference of crude oil, natural gas and methane gas, write note on environmental cost involved.
Que. Write an account of rural development and gender empowerment interrelation.
Que.Suggest the ways to improve urban environment.
Que. ‘Social protection provides key to sustainable economic development’. Comment.
Que.‘Environment, demography and development have strong interrelation’. Discuss.
Que. Write note on how climate change mitigation strategies are important for economic planning.
Que. Explain the role of CIT in ensuring equitable development.
Que. Write note on mechanism of summer monsoons in India.
Que. Avail a geomorphic account of northern plains of India.
Que. What are the major soil types in India? Briefly describe their characteristics.
Que. In references to Geological Survey of India, outline major peninsular and extra-peninsular geothermal provinces.
Que. What are the major structural and physiographic characteristics of Kutch peninsula.
Que. Examine the major trends and patterns of internal migration in India.
Que. Elaborate on the dualistic characteristic of Indian urbanisation.
Que. Avail regional account of northern mountain wall in specific reference to Purvanchal and Sikkim Himalayas.
Que. Write an account of Oceanic islands of the country.
Que. Give an account of Himalayan structure with specific reference to reverse faults.
Que. ‘Deltaic plains of Hooghly is a complex geomorphic and biotic region’. Explain.
Que. In Indian context, avail analysis of interrelation between climate change, population and food security.
Que. Discuss the zoo geographical characteristics of India.
Que. Discuss the characteristics of high and low sun seasons. Also, outline rainfall variability in country.
Que. What are the salient characteristics of Indian drainage system.
Que. Explain the geological structure of peninsular plateau.
Que. Analyze the significance of language in cultural regionalisation in country.
Que. Analyze growth of steel sector from New Industrial Policy perspective.
Que. Write note on stresses of Indian trade and ways to respond.
Que. Explain the status of major infrastructural inputs of Indian agriculture.
Que. Outline the bottlenecks in bringing renewable energy sources from margins to core. Also, suggest the ways to overcome it.
Que. In light of Vanya silk, outline the prospects and challenges of silk textile in India.
Que. Give an account of economic and social significance of mainstreaming of livestock’s.
Que. What are the categories of agro ecological regions in India?
Que. Avail an account of new mineral and oil-gas exploration policies.
Que. Explain the nature of horticulture development in India.
Que. Outline the significance of National Dairy Development and Bovine Breeding programme.
Que. Explain land capability categories of India.
Que. Avail a detailed account of aluminium industry in India.
Que. Attempt an analysis of tree-based farming in India.
Que. What are the interrelation between cereal production and consumption in India?
Que. ‘Civil aviation industry is experiencing an era of expansion’. Comment.
Que. Write an account of shipbuilding development and potentials in India and import constituents.
Que. Discuss the export and import constituents of India and major export promotion measures.

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