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Geography Books for IAS Prelims

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Geography Books for IAS Prelims


Geography has an important part of the topics to be covered for Prelims (Paper -I). It includes : –

Physical Geography (World & India) , Socio-Economic-Development , Environment / Ecology , Biodiversity & Climate Change.

The subject is substantially dynamic in nature , which have its relation with current affairs.

Moreover the nature of questions in last few years have become more general and contemporary , reducing dominance of conventional questions.

The text books for conventional part include :

  1. NCERT XI (Fundamental of Physical Geography)
  2. NCERT XI (India Physical Environment)
  3. NCERT XII (Fundamental of Human Geography)
  4. NCERT XII (India People and Economy)
  5. NCERT XII (Biology)
  6. Certificate of Physical & Human Geography (G.C.leong)

For the Dynamic part, contemporary sources as , New Paper (Hindu & Indian Express( ) PIB ( ) India Year Books ( )

The Question both conventional & Dynamic includes map orientation also Ex. Question on Golan Heights thus refer School Atlas : – Oxford or Orient Black swan

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